Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our campsite at Joshua Tree National ParkSunsets at Quartzsite are fabulous!!!Another one the next night!!!These are images from ontop of a hill just outside of Quartzsite, you can see all the Rvers scattered all over the desert! Most of the Rvers dont even show up till Saturday, then over the next few weeks there will probably be close to 1,000,000 people go thru here and a high percentage of them stay for a few days, some for weeks and months. The last pic has a red arrow showing our rig, can you see it out there? We are camped about 5 miles north of town. We will climb the hill again this weekend sometime and take more pictures when the area is almost full so you can see the difference.
The Change from Wednesday to Thursday in the amount of traffic was really something. I better over 50 rigs went by our site alone to go camping further out in the desert. We are right along the road, about 100 yards off.

Gals and Eli doing a skit at our fire one night. It was them acting out a nursery rhyme called Chicken that wouldnt lay an egg!! It was fun to watch!!
we also had to guess at several other nursery rhymes and of course we all got them correct the first time!!!

Joshua Tree National Park