Monday, January 16, 2012

Great sunrise at Quartzsite.

Here are some of the rigs in our group area. there are 23 rigs and we had 51 people for Pot luck dinner tonight. That is one thing the Escapees know what to do is EAT! and it was all great food! Especially the desserts!

Here they are getting ready for dinner!

Here are Janice and Gabby, Janice is the editor of our Escapee's magazine and also belongs to our Chapter 34 in Oregon!

Chips and Julie discussing world events with Marv, or maybe just talking about all the good food starting to show up on the tables.

Here is Benjamin and Sylvia talking about how to get into line first for the desserts!!  Benjamin is our VCR, Volunteer Coordinator Rep.

Lee and Larry enjoying the sun out of the breeze. we had some brisk breezes today, but plenty of sun and the warm up starting on wed. we hope the wind is gone tomorrow, but it is the desert. we had 8 to 12 inches of rain the day before, one drop every 8 to 12 inches!!!

Dwight making sure that Linda is dressed properly for dinner. as you can see we all dress well for dinner each night!!

there is Bill giving me the high 10!!! or he could just be holding back an invisible wall!

Ahh, time for the campfire, Janice is all bundled up and ready for some warmth!! she probably thinks she is in Montana instead of Arizona today with the cool weather we had!

another great sunset!!