Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Larry keeping an eye on the baked potatoes and doing a mighty fine job of it. He must have experience!
 Those spuds are looking better all the time!
Lee checking his spuds.

Dwight looking pretty satisfied after eating his baked Spud! it must have been pretty good!

Larry on top of a rig taking all our pics. 

You see everything in Quartzsite, this van has a donkey in the back.

 we went to the New Christy Minstrels show at QZ, they put on a great show! Next week we will be going to see the Fireballs, they sang Sugar Shack and Bottle of Wine as a couple of their big hits from the 60's.

 Lo and behold the van has a bull on the other side of the van. I guess they do tricks and they were going around to the different areas of the desert and telling people about their show.