Friday, July 17, 2015

ruin of the mine at Granite, MT

Marlys and Alan in front of the mine ruins

remains of the mine 

Candy store at Phillipsburg, MT

Candy store, I offered to work for free!

Neat building in Phillipsburg, MT

Going to the Sun road at Glacier National Park.
The red tour cars are from the 30s and they travel all areas thru Glacier NP. Looks
like a neat way to see the Natl Park

this guy was watching everyone walk by at one of the resorts in GlacierNP

Marlys and Alan by a Mountain Goat

Doug and Barb in front of the mountain Goat

Island in St Marys Lake at Glacier NP

Bear that crossed the road in front of us as we were heading into the park. He stopped long enough
to pose.

In front of waterfall we hiked too. It was a guided hike by the ranger and we hiked
a total of 3 miles in 1.5 hours, we were running almost the whole time it felt like.
we wont take that type of hike before, couldnt really stop and enjoy the forest.
there was bear sign all along the trail.

Barb in front of the falls.

The boat we took to start the hike.

the lodge at Many Glacier in Glacier NP. it was build over 100 years ago. they sure had nice views.
The rooms started at $199.00 and went as high as $799.00 a night.

The lodge from across the lake.

crossing into Canada. We drove up to Waterton Natl Park in Canada. 

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View out of the lodge at Waterton NP in Canada.

The lodge at Waterton. Swiss Chalet style, also built in early 1900s

Marlys and Alan at the falls in Waterton NP.

Marlys and Alan with the bear!! they sure were brave to stand there!!
I kinda cheated on this photo!!

Marlys and Barb getting ready to enjoy the Huckleberry
Ice Cream we were having at Johnsons cafe
in St Marys, MT at the east entrance to
Glacier NP

The milky way over Glacier NP mountains from our campsite. I took the photo about 2 AM in the morning. the restroom was near our site so the light from it interferred a little with the night time photos.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I wonder what they want to be in their next life because they are so close to getting there. I think a Bison can cover the 15 feet between them in about 2 seconds, I wonder how far they can run in that time!!

Lots of Bison in Yellowstone NP

2 story outhouse in Nevada City, MT!

Store supplies in the 1800s

Our friend Marlys heading down the slide inside Lewis and Clark Caverns

The Copper King house in Butte, MT, the above photos were from our tour there. His Name was William Clark, at one time he was the richest man in the world with an estimated worth of 400 million back then, equal to about 31 Billion today!

Barb, Marlys and Alan up on the Mine Head.