Thursday, February 11, 2010

This was our campsite for a couple of weeks in Yuma, AZ at the Cocopa Casino parking lot.

As you can see I never get tired of these Arizona Sunsets!!!

This was a different looking aircraft.
It flew over several times like this, then later the propellers changed positions and it flew like and airplane!

This is an interesting motorcar. Several old time vehicles drove into the parking lot at the Quartermaster Depot Center in Yuma for the afternoon concert in the park.

The Brass band playing in the park on Super Bowl Sunday, before the football game of course!!

Our Campsite at Ajo, AZ.

Our friends, Dick and Sue, from Ft Collins, outside of Ajo. This is a very large and old Saquaro cactus, probably in the 3 to 400 year old range.

A nice view of the Sonoran desert with all the Saquaro cactus.

Great Organ Pipe Cactus!!

A mural in Ajo, Az.