Friday, January 27, 2012

Here is the pumper truck for dumping our tanks, Cute saying on the back! he pumped us out in about 5 min, wish it went that fast at the dump stations. the cost to dump in town is anywhere from 12 to 20 dollars and he charged us 25 so I figure it was a break even deal if I had to pack up and drive to town, 8 miles. 

Here we are arriving at the Desert Bar and Nellie E Saloon outside of Parker,AZ. it is on a rough gravel road about 5 miles back in the mountains. It is only open on weekends from Noon to 5pm and they have live music. they use solar panels and generators to run the place as there is no power back in there. this is an old mine building that shut down years  
ago and this guy bought the land in 1975 and opened the bar in 1983. the Church front in the parking lot was built in 1996 and is made of solid steel. they hold many weddings out here every year at the church.

 This is the original bar building from 1983!
 Dust is blowing in the distance so you cant see much of the mountains. it blew all day and stopped about 10pm. left of fine layer of dirt all over everything so we had to dust the camper. That is the desert for you!!
 Here is our group on top of the bar, the seating is scattered around the area, some of it is down in the gully, this was on top of the bar and there is seating in the bar and just outside of it and of course near the stage where the live music is being played. Very unique place.

 Here is a picture of the storm moving in that washed down all the dust we had a couple days before. it rained a enough to knock down all the dust that was stirred up and made everything pleasant again.

 Here is a nice pic of couple of people playing on the desert with their ultralight craft. each afternoon about 3 of these take off from an area just behind us and they fly all over the desert. It is probably a great view from up there of all the RV's on the desert.

 Another gorgeous sunrise in the desert. the sunset last night was also a very bright orange color. the sunsets here are very vibrant and I think that some of the dust in the air probably causes the color. This one is because of the clouds tho!! the picture does not due it justice! it was fabulous!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Larry keeping an eye on the baked potatoes and doing a mighty fine job of it. He must have experience!
 Those spuds are looking better all the time!
Lee checking his spuds.

Dwight looking pretty satisfied after eating his baked Spud! it must have been pretty good!

Larry on top of a rig taking all our pics. 

You see everything in Quartzsite, this van has a donkey in the back.

 we went to the New Christy Minstrels show at QZ, they put on a great show! Next week we will be going to see the Fireballs, they sang Sugar Shack and Bottle of Wine as a couple of their big hits from the 60's.

 Lo and behold the van has a bull on the other side of the van. I guess they do tricks and they were going around to the different areas of the desert and telling people about their show.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Great sunrise at Quartzsite.

Here are some of the rigs in our group area. there are 23 rigs and we had 51 people for Pot luck dinner tonight. That is one thing the Escapees know what to do is EAT! and it was all great food! Especially the desserts!

Here they are getting ready for dinner!

Here are Janice and Gabby, Janice is the editor of our Escapee's magazine and also belongs to our Chapter 34 in Oregon!

Chips and Julie discussing world events with Marv, or maybe just talking about all the good food starting to show up on the tables.

Here is Benjamin and Sylvia talking about how to get into line first for the desserts!!  Benjamin is our VCR, Volunteer Coordinator Rep.

Lee and Larry enjoying the sun out of the breeze. we had some brisk breezes today, but plenty of sun and the warm up starting on wed. we hope the wind is gone tomorrow, but it is the desert. we had 8 to 12 inches of rain the day before, one drop every 8 to 12 inches!!!

Dwight making sure that Linda is dressed properly for dinner. as you can see we all dress well for dinner each night!!

there is Bill giving me the high 10!!! or he could just be holding back an invisible wall!

Ahh, time for the campfire, Janice is all bundled up and ready for some warmth!! she probably thinks she is in Montana instead of Arizona today with the cool weather we had!

another great sunset!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Great sunrise at Borrego Springs

I think this guy is trying to hide.
More metal Scuptures on the desert, these are called the workers, they depict workers picking grapes off the vine. There are 129 of these around Borrego Springs all built by Ricardo Breceda. He was commissioned by Dennis Avery, the owner of the different properties that these sit on. Dennis Avery is the founder of Avery Labels.


The miner and his mule!

Big Horn Rams!

Insect trail thru the sand, from the looks of the prints it might have been a centipede.

4 wheeling!!

This the last of the scuptures that we found. we are now heading over the Quartzsite for a couple of weeks for a Rally with our camping group from Oregon, Chapter 34 Escapee's.
We expect to have a lot of fun over the next week. The week after that is the RV show. Right now we saw thousands of RV's scattered across the desert near Quartzsite. I guess most of the Snowbirds are here now!