Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sun hitting the side of the hill above our campsite at Organ
Pipe NM.

view of the drive thru Organ Pipe NM

Help Barb has been kidnapped by a Saquaro cactus! Send money!
it can be a real prickly dilemma!

Barb just sitting around!

Ghosts in the desert.

Ajo Mtn drive at Organ Pipe NM

View of large Organ Pipe that has a crest in the center. see
the photo below.

Crest inside of Organ Pipe. they do not know what causes
them to happen but the Saguaro cactus also
has some. they are very rare to find.

Look real close in the center of this photo you will see
blue water barrels and a blue flag just left of them.
they put these out on the desert so that the
illegals that come across dont die out here without
water. I am sure they get used a lot. we have seen
this in at least 3 locations just around the area
that we drove in.

Here is the border fence between mexico and the US. this is on a
very steep hill
This is the border fence down on the flat area where you can just walk
across very easily!! No wonder we have a problem with
illegal immigrants coming thru all the time.
there is a major hiway about 100ft past this fence in mexico with
lots of semi truck traffic on it.

Quitobaquito springs area of Organ Pipe NM. this area has been
closed for about 12 years due to illegal smuggling but I guess they now
have it under control. it was a 14 mile drive on a gravel road to get there.

Crested Saquaro!

Great Horned Owl on her nest at Organ Pipe NM

Gambels Quail on dead Saquaro

a boot from a dead Saquaro, these are very rare to find them

another boot

I think this is a Harris Hawk, they are very common down here at Organ Pipe