Tuesday, February 1, 2011

 Sunrise at the ranch!
This is a canyon about one mile north of our house, Crooked River at the bottom. The Deschutes River meets this one about 3 miles north to form Lake Billy Chinook.

This is a little coffee shop on the way to Wallowa State Park In North East Oregon, Very nice area to visit. We had a great time there with friends from Lebanon.

Deer in out backyard and morning shot of Mt Jefferson from our back deck.

Wallowa Lake and the above pic is the sun going down behind a mountain a Wallowa Lake.

Larry and Bobi at Prairie Grasslands, above is Barb and I at the Tetons on our way back from our trip to Nebr. we had a great bike ride there.
Below is Dick and Sue and Barb across from Bobi and Larry at the campfire.
we had a great time there at the grasslands.

Seattle fisch market, Barb and Bobi looking over the menu. Below is a pic of some of the flowers for sale there.

We were visiting a Winery at Seattle, had a great time there.
 Bobi and Larry toasting each other at Silver Falls state Park with south Falls in the background.

Larry and Bobi at Crater Lake, why do they have winter coats on? it is only September!!

Above is the entrance to Buchart Gardens on Victoria Island BC, great place to visit. we went there with Bobi and Larry when they came out to visit in Sept.
The shot with Bobi and Barb is one of the big trees in Olympia national park in north washington. great place to visit. we need to go back there.
 Below is Multnomath falls east of Portland on I-84. we had a great time with Larry and Bobi when they visited. We went to over 20 different major falls while they were here.
And it never rained once they whole time they were here, right Larry!!! HaHa!

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