Wednesday, July 8, 2015

first day of our trip and Barb almost steps on this guy!
He turned out to be a bull snake but he was acting like a rattler.
we were in eastern Oregon near the Idaho border setting up camp for the night.

Here is tree shape in Lava at Craters of the Moon Nat Monument

I think he wanted in for some coffee. 

Cabela's store in Sidney Ne. we stopped there to check out all the wildlife and they used
to have several large aquariums but took them out as they started leaking.
they had some really nice size fish in those. they also took down
all their fish displays from the walls. they had a lot of huge fish
hanging there at one time!

we went looking for ice cream in a small town in Nebraska. we found it, combination ice cream shop and nursery!

Do you think they had hail here in Nebraska? this is vinyl siding after a hail storm. I dont know what size the hail was but had to be at least golf ball size!

Lot of brick streets in some of the small towns in eastern Nebraska.

We stopped at Pioneer Village in Minden, NE They have a great collection of just about everything! took us about 3 hours to go thru it all.

this was a aqua car, it could be driven into the water and then drive around the lake like a boat, as long as it wasnt too windy. they came out in the 60s but didnt last long.

Barbs got me right where she wants me!!

anyone remember these!

Barb wants me to make some extra money!!

We went by the Husker stadium in Lincoln.

This is a place in Alliance Nebr called Carhenge. several years ago a rancher in this area decided to duplicate StoneHenge only using cars. He placed the cars in the exact sequence that stonehenge is placed. Now we can check this off our bucket list!! arent we exciting travellers!!

I think this is a bad parking spot, dont you!

Push, you cant get it out!

Here is my Dad showing us around a small private museum on a ranch near Crawford, NE

They finally caught up with Barb.

anyone notice the electric corn cob on the wall of this outhouse!

Here is a lighthouse at Lake Minatare, NE. it has been here for probably 70 or 80 years.

Panorama of Lake Minatare Nebr

Panorama view of Scottsbluff, NE from the top of Scottsbluff Natl Monument 

they had a car show while we were here. this is the start of the parade
over 350 cars in the show

campground at the lake near Shoshoni, wy, 90% of the sites were underwater as the lake was at the highest level it has ever been I think. Lots of rain out in Wyo, Nebr.Colo this year.

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