Monday, January 2, 2017

Winter 2016/2017

one of two roadrunners that kept visiting us in our campsite.
they came so close we could almost reach out and touch them.

our campsite at Death Valley. kinda like a gravel parking lot is all
it is, but works for what we need. had water close by and a dump station
when we left.

Our first sunset at Death Valley

the sand dunes at Death Valley

Barb posing at the sand dunes

You can see for miles!

Badwater basin, pathway thru the salt where people have packed it down from walking on it.
It changes with the season, the previous year they had a flood in Death Valley and it filled this area
with water and formed a lake about a foot deep. One of the Rangers got her kayak out and cruised around the lake.

close ups of the pattern of the salt caused by the salt pushing up
and cracking. I think this is what the borax comes from as there was
numerous borax mines in this region including the famous
20 Mule team borax

Wide open spaces

Looking down on Badwater Basin from top of Dantes View, this is over a mile down to the basin


  1. Great photos, Kids !

  2. Good stuff. Keep them coming.

    Your favorite son.