Saturday, February 11, 2012

It has been a few days since my last post. at the present time we are in Yuma, AZ at the Cocopah casino parking lot. we arrived here on Monday after leaving quartzsite. We were heading for a BLM area north of Yuma called Mittry Lake but some friends called and said they were in Yuma so we headed down there. we needed to get chores done anyway. so just as we were arriving in AZ Doug was pulled over by the local constable, Here is pics of Doug in the back seat{you cant see me very well, look for the sunglasses and my hands on the bars} and there is also a pic of the local constable!! He was very gracious for allowing his pics to be taken. He gave me a nice ride in the back of the police car! and boy does he drive fast. Now you ask why was I riding in the back of the police car. well scroll down a couple of pictures and you will see what is left of our rear trailer wheel and the side of the 5th wheel. seems like the lug bolts broke off on 4 of the six lugs on the wheel and the wheel came off the trailer and crossed over the Hiway just in front of  the policeman and also just missed another car!! We are very happy that no one was injured by the flying wheel.
 The state patrolman took me back to find the wheel, but a nice farmer brought it up to Barb while I was getting a free ride in the police car. then a good Samaritan pulled in behind us after we pulled into a gas station about a block away and he helped us find a replacement wheel hub and he actually put it on the trailer along with greasing the new bearings and helping me put the spare tire back on the trailer.
we spent about 3 hours getting back on the road and pulled into our parking lot campsite at the casino about 6pm. Sure was an eventful day!
 we have contacted the manufacturer and I will be sending pics of the damage and hopefully they will cover the damage and get things fixed up for us. we are able to still travel and we hope to wait till be get home to have things fixed up.

the wheel Hub with the broken lug bolts.

Cocopah Casino Parking lot, our campsite.

some people setting up their race cars for the big race this weekend in Yuma, they rebuilt part of 2 cars in the parking lot of the casino. The track is about half a mile from here and is part of the casino.

damage to the panel on the trailer, I have bolted it back to the trailer as it was hanging out about 2 feet.

we have been enjoying out stay here at the casino, going to coffee each morning with Larry, going to the casino for buffet, had shrimp tacos last night, they were great, cost 5.00 for 2 people drinks included, not a bad deal.
we went over to Mexico today and got some tourist stuff and I got my medicine, I bought a one year supply of my acid reflux meds, 360 pills for 8.10. I pay $100 for the same thing from the VA and the VA is less expensive than the open market for these same pills, some people pay as much as 1.00  for each pill in the USA. something is wrong with our system if things are that far out of whack. time to get it fixed, be sure and vote out all the people now in office and vote in all new ones, lets get this system fixed.

We came back to the camper and there was a car show going on over on the lawn. We walked around and looked at some of the cars, I forgot to take my camera, but they were really something to see. some of the best cars I have ever seen in a car show. they have really spent a lot of time and money on these cars, most of them muscle cars from the 30's thru the 70's. Maybe I can borrow some pics from our friends to post on here.

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