Sunday, February 5, 2012

Time to update the blog, it has been awhile, I have shots of sunsets, sunrises, people moving a trailer in place at our friends,Judie and Cal, property in Salome, AZ and Bill supervising. we had a great campsite on their lot in Salome and had some great meals at the local restaurant, Buckaroo's.
 We left their place on saturday and headed back to Quartzsite for a couple of nights so we could see the Car show and the craft show. When we got to QZ we stopped on the desert in a spot to check it out and we got out of the truck with it running and the cat and dog inside! you guessed it! the cat stood on the door lock and locked us out of the truck and the RV was also locked so we had no keys to get into anything, haha.
Barb put her hands up to the window of the drivers side and got the cat to step on a window button so it rolled the window down. Note to self, never get out of the truck with the animals in it without another set of keys, ha ha.
we saw a lot of great looking cars at the car show. I took a lot of pictures and decided to also take pics of the hood ornaments on some of them. Lots of chrome and brass on some of these cars.
 We will be leaving QZ on monday to head down to the Yuma area for several days, we are thinking of staying at an area about 15 miles north of town that has an area for dry camping but with access to water, trash and dump station. It is located near a couple of lakes.

Checking things out before moving the trailer onto the footers

backing the trailer in place

Cal checking things out with the trailer almost all the way In.

Got her in place!

Pouring concrete pad.

Nice Chevy, I think it was a 56!

One of the best looking cars of the show, the paint job was superb!

A Cobra!

Nice 69 Camaro!

this one was for sale, $55,000, the sign said they had $100,000 into it.

49 Willys

Pink Koala bear!!

Dune buggy for sale only $650. not bad price!

Here is a Henry J car, I never even heard of this one before.

I think a Marine owns this one!

1932 Packard!

Nice hood ornament.

56 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria, I owned a 57 Ford Fairlane
as my first car when I was 16, many years ago!!

Dennie, no 38 Chevies here but this one is a 39!

 Received a call from our neighbors at Crooked River Ranch, Barb received a letter from the county we live in, she has been called up for Jury duty from March 1st till April 30th!! She sure will miss all the nice warm weather and sun down here while sitting at home waiting to be called up, ha ha. just kidding, we will call them on Monday and let them know we are out of town and they will reschedule her.

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