Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Picacho Peak to Parker, AZ

I havent been very good about reposting on the blog lately. we Traveled from Tucson up to Apache Junction, AZ and stayed in several places along the route. Here is a sunset from Picacho Peak State Park.

That was our campsite above. Below is a campsite just outside of Baker, CA in the desert on Mojave Natl Preserve.

This is a picture of a Para Sailor along the colorado River at Parker, AZ area. we were staying at a BLM campground on the Calif side of the river.

Before we arrived there we spent a great 2 weeks in the Mesa/Apache Junction area. One week at Usury Regional Mountain Park, a real nice park just 2 mi out of Mesa in the Mountains and desert area North of town. Then the next week we had a great time at Golden Sun RV park with our friends Dennie and Dee in Apache Junction. We visited several people we knew in the area and had a good time and were lazy. We ate too much food and gained back the pounds we had lost before we got here, ha ha. And for once I did not take any pictures. 

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