Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Roadrunner with a lizard for his meal. They run around a lot but hardly ever fly.

This was the temperature one day we were riding our bikes, the official temp of the day was 94, but that is in the shade. It was the hottest day of the year so far this year and it didnt cool off that night till real late.

This is the sidewinder rattlesnake that lives here in Death Valley. It is only a little over 1 ft long and mostly comes out after it cools off in the evening and into the night. It makes a J shape in the sand when it travels and hunts for kangaroo rats or other things to eat. the next picture shows the tracks that it makes, you can see the J shape.

This is the Death Valley Pupfish. it is only found in one place in the valley and its lifespan is only one year so it is considered endangered as there are not that many of the fish and they live in water that can get up to 112 degrees during the summer months. 

this coyote was posing along the road so I took his picture!

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