Thursday, August 14, 2014

See all the beetle kill trees. must be 80% of them so far.

these are all pics up at Rocky Mtn Natl Park. we drove the hiway that was flooded so bad last year. almost 70% of the houses or businesses up that canyon are gone that used to be there. washed away all of the little parks along the road. there are still homes that have been undercut and they are still setting there. One was just barely hanging from the side of the bank about 30 ft up. It will someday fall into the river. it was a small cabin.

Barb showing pictures to the chipmunk! But I think he was really interested in whether she had any food or not.

Our friend Alan comparing his hand to the elk antler on display.
We were going to bring him home but the ranger objected to it so we left him there! I think he would help keep the back yard mowed down!

top of rocky mtn natl park.

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  1. Know just where you're standing at RMNP! A lot more snow when we were there. Great photos!