Sunday, February 15, 2015

Arizona Trip 2015

Here is view on the route to our campsite at Quartzsite.
The New Christy Minstrels, great group from the 60s, some of the original group still singing here.
Kevin and Michelle from our chapter 34 group performing for us at the campfire.

Teri heading to our RV for the Duck/Ohio State National Championship game!
The Ducks were not able to overcome and win. 

Marv showing off his new RV parked at Mcdonalds!! he got a great deal on it, with only 240 easy payments of $400 plus his 5th wheel in trade! I am sure Sylvia and him will enjoy it for many years!

Marvs other choice in case the first deal did not go thru!

Here is the restaurant that is named after Lloyd "Grumpy" from chapter 34. He serves great food!

Chapter 34 members around the fire, How come Stan looks cold? Isnt this the nice warm desert of Arizona? 

Blurry pic of everyone listening to me talk about our government and how great a job they are doing at the present time!

Nice Fire, How come Stan still looks cold?

Nice view of the sunset in the windows of Karen Grady's RV.

Another great rig parked at Mcdonalds.

Great hair do!

More great RVs for bargain rates, no wonder Marv had such a hard time making up his mind what to buy!

Barb checking out all the possibilties for RVing, anything to get out of doing the laundry!!

Great Yard ornaments!

Jon Arlins made to order Shower/outhouse on the desert with air conditioning included!

On the way into the big Tent at the RV show in Quartzsite! Great place to send your husbands while you ladies shop for all the bargains!

View from the SKP park in Benson, AZ, a real nice park and very friendly people! 

some Pics of what the formations look like in Karchner Caverns State park in Arizona.
you cant take a camera in the caverns so these are shots of the photos in the museum.

Looking up the main street in Bisbee, AZ

Looking down the street in Bisbee, AZ

our new tow car to go behind our new rig pictured below!! it even has solar panel on it!

I think I got a better deal than Marv!!

the mine pit outside of Bisbee, former copper mine, but it had a major sulfer smell coming up from the mine area.

Panoramic photo looking down on Bisbee, AZ

Gunfighters in tombstone getting ready for the big shoot out!

time exposure of the Superstition Mountain outside of Apache Junction, AZ this was taken at night with a length of about 10 min for the shot.

Ghosts around superstition mountain.

More ghosts!

the Ghost of the Lost Dutchman!

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